We're accelerating the future of neurotech R&D.

NeuraDAO's objective is to facilitate a democratized, circular funding ecosystem to accelerate research and development in the intersection of neuroscience and technology.

The current lifecycle of academic research

The status quo of academic research is a complex maze of inefficient, top-down bureaucracy that inhibits innovation in neurotech.

Government initiates a research grant

Using funds raised by taxpayers, the government (in the US) funds 50%-70% of all academic research. However, despite funding the research, taxpayers get no return on their investment.

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Researchers apply for the grant

In academia, if you don't get funding you don't have a wage. As a result, researchers spend around 50% of their time applying for grants since there are few other sources of early-stage funding

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Researchers develop IP and data after R&D

If the IP is promising in this stage, further exploiting the IP is an issue as "patent trolls," monopolize innovation. Furthermore, sharing data isn't incentivized. R&D isn't collaborative, leading it to be an expensive, and siloed ecosystem.

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NeuraDAO is a community-governed, closed-loop funding ecosystem for early-stage neurotech research.

We are bringing back ownership of cutting-edge neurotech to the people who need it most, while also democratizing data for all the neurohackers making a change. By building a direct bridge between consumers of research, the members of NeuraDAO, and researchers stuck in a deprived legacy funding system we are speeding up innovation and scale in the neurotech space.

Our Working Groups


The Awareness/Marketing WG focuses on growing NeuraDAO's brand to ensure community growth. Members of the Awareness/Marketing WG create content to attract various different people into the community; preferably people from the Web3 and Neurotech communities.

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Oversee the development and maintenance of NeuraDAO's technical needs. This can include Web2 and Web3 development. Members of the Technical WG oversee NeuraDAO's Github Organization, our Smart Contracts, and our websites

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The Neurotech WG discovers and evaluates neurotech projects and assets that are aligned with NeuraDAO's core objectives. Members of the Neurotech WG monitor prospective researchers and onboard them to MiruDAO to grow MiruDAO's portfolio.

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The Governance WG oversees and identifies points of improvement in NeuraDAO's Governance and decision-making infrastructure. Members of the Governance WG ensure that our values of transparency, fairness, and efficiency are upheld during decision-making.

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The Tokenomics WG is responsible for NeuraDAO's token economy. Members of the Tokenomics WG analyze the economic behaviour of the AXON token and optimize the token's incentives with the community's objectives.

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The Operations WG is responsible for organizing, monitoring, and executing NeuraDAO's vision. Members of the Operations WG oversee milestone timelines, find efficiencies, and incentivize operationally relevant tasks.

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The Legal WG is responsible keeping MiruDAO legally safe as well as oversee and understand NeuraDAO's legal matters (IP licensing, counselling, etc). Members of the Legal WG are constantly monitoring legal trends in the web3, and ensure that NeuraDAO is compliant.

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